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What exactly is viso-giornale?

At its simplest, viso-giornale is (brace yourself) a visual journal. An online sketchbook of sorts. A way of putting my thoughts, ideas, and work into a visual form which is also accessible to the outside world. I suppose it may also resemble a type of blog (see this typical example), as it includes dispatches about my experiences and current state of mind. Admittedly, it was in part a way for me to communicate goings-on with friends and family without the personally dreaded format of the mass-email. However, the true intent of viso-giornale was to create imagery that can be explored, and that will convey emotions much more viscerally than words. Most images in the site are meant to be touched and clicked with your mouse. If there is a door, try using it. Chances are it will be unlocked. Try to go as far and as deep as you can.  (back to top)

When was viso-giornale created?

viso-giornale was created in 2006, during a 7-month excursion of working and studying in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy (with exception of the epilogue, which was completed several months later.)  (back to top)

Where did you get the imagery for viso-giornale?

As much as I would like to take credit for the many amazing engravings that I used for viso-giornale, they are definitely not mine. Nearly all of the black and white etching imagery you will see (such as the crest above) is from a 19th-century German Encyclopedia of Illustration, a gorgeous compilation of images spanning numerous subject matter, from Geography to Military Technology to Botany. These images were the primary inspiration for viso-giornale and remain its visual backbone. I did, however, often combine these images and elements of these images into digital collages, and these are creations that I consider to be my own.

Viso-giornale also contains original drawings and paintings done by myself. These will probably be immediately discernible. Any other material (photos,drawings,writing,etc.) that is not of my own hand is appropriately attributed by entry on the not of my own hand page.

Most of the photos you will find on the site are taken with a remarkable gadget known as the Ion. This plastic-lensed digital camera ($20.00+tax at your local Target retailer) takes 640x480 images of such poor quality that they begin to ascend to the truly beautiful. The Ion creates some strange, yet intriguing posterization, focus, and depth of field effects. The Ion will not take pictures if it doesn't have enough light (it has no flash). It is also very hard to aim properly, so the composition of pictures is often ruled by the happy accident. In short, the Holga of digital cameras.

Most of the video on the site is taken with my Sony DV Camera. There may also occasionally be video taken with the Ion. It will not be hard to differentiate.  (back to top)

It takes a long time for pages on viso-giornale to load. What the heck?

I know, I know. The images on viso-giornale are big and can take a long time to load. I'd make them bigger if I could get away with it. Just have a little patience and eat a muffin or something while a page loads. Or stop using a dial-up connection, for the love of all that is holy!  (back to top)

What if I can't get somewhere I think I should be able to get to, or the video doesn't work, or the images look weird, or a link doesn't work?

What a terribly over-extended and grammatically painful question. If any of these things should happen to you, please email me and tell me about it. I'll try to give you the answer you seek. Remember, you need to have Quicktime 7 (a free download here) installed to view videos in viso-giornale.  (back to top)